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Introduction of High Strength Geonet

● Product Name:
Geotextile Ecological Bag/Geobag, Non Woven Bag/Nonwoven Bag, Plant Growth Bag/Grow Bag/Plant Bag, Ecological Bag/Environment Protection Bag, Green Nonwoven Bag, Afforest Bag/Slope Bag/Revetment Bag, Lawn Grow Bag/Slope Plant Bag, Slope ecological Bag/GreenEcological Bag.

● Specification:

● Materials: PP or PET

● Regular sizes: 110cm×50cm, 103cm×70cm, 95cm×35cm 80cm×45cm, 60cm×45cm, 60cm×40cm etc.(as required)

● Color: Black, Black Green, Grey or White (as required)

● Production ability: 100, 000 bags/day

● Delivery & Payment:

●Package: 1000 bag/pack or as required by customer

●Delivery Date: for 1*20GP, within 10 days after receiving payments

●MOQ: 1*20GP

●Payment: T/T

● Production Process of Geotextile Ecological Bag:

This Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag( is made from Polypropylene (PP) or Polyester Fiber(PET), by ironing needle-punch non-woven fabric on both sides through special processing.

● Introduction of Geotextile Ecological Bag:

In addition to high anti-corrosion, ultraviolet-proofing, anti-aging, toxin-free, non-combustion, strong stability and non-extension for rupture, this pest-resisting Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) also won't be affected by the chemicals in the soils, or get rotten, with physical and water-penetration performance widely accepted by users. With anti-moisture materials which absorbs no water or bring about no damage or deformation to the bag even during excessive water or be dissolved into the polluted liquid.

● Advantage of Geotextile Ecological Bag:

Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) is a important part for flexible ecological slope engineering system, with filtering function of objective-water penetration and soil conservation both to prevent loss of fillings (mixture of soil and other nurseries), and to maintain normal exchange of moisture in the soil, thereby reducing the hydrostatic pressure of the slope, at the same time maintaining effective and timely replenishment of the water needed for plant growth, to maintain media required for vegetation life - water and soil. Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) is made from environment-friendly to allow the plant to grow freely getting through the bag. Roots enters the engineering foundation soil, as if the numerous root anchor enhances solidification between the bag and the main body (the longer the stronger), to further assure purpose of construction of the permanently stable slope, and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) can be applied in slope engineering, completely replacing the stone, cement and other materials, to significantly reduce cost of project. After construction, slope will be covered by vegetation surface, to enable a green excavated slope surface, and formation of slope of natural ecology. Permeability through soil filtering, allows slope to be highly permeable, to prevent and stabilize soil loss, the local landslide, slope collapse greatly, to form a permanently high stability natural slope.

● Application of Geotextile Ecological Bag:

1. Ecological hydraulic project: Natural zone environment of ecological river, soil and water conservation, reservoir fluctuations zone re-greening, wetland, lake and coastal banks engineering.

2. Road works: Embankment slope, revetment wall, mountain slope excavation, slope of bridge piers, culverts, splay wall, sound barriers, ecological isolation zone, swelling soil slope, and freeze-thaw zone slope, etc.

3. Railway projects: Embankment slope, revetment wall, mountain excavation slope, slope of bridge piers, culverts, splay wall, Ecological Scenic Lot ecological slope, ecologically fragile areas ecological slope and so on.

4. Municipal landscaping works: mountain regreening, mountain excavation slope, urban ecological banks, parks and lakeshore, landfill, mining regreening, golf courses, landscape wall, saline-alkali soil slope.

5. Real estate landscape works: Artificial landscape river, residential areas slope, gardening landscape wall, hydrophilic retaining walls, green roofs etc.

6. OthersSlope collapse emergency treatment, desert greening, nature reserves, rivers and lakes coastal protection embankment, military fortifications, bunkers, ammunition storage point, floodwalls, ecological vertical walls, the ecological regreening for the existing hard structure surface.

● Size Calculation Formula for Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag)) Filled with Soil:

Length = length of Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) - (12-15) cm

Width = width of Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) * 0.7 cm

Height = height of Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) * 0.4cm

● Application Case of Geotextile Ecological Bag (Slope Bag, Afforest Bag) in China:

Shanxi Linfen River Ecological Engineering;

Sichuan Dujiang Yan Dam Engineering;

Restoration project of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal;

Shandong Qingdao River overall treatment project;

Guangdong Huizhou villa protection Slope.

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